The Cohorts process is designed to identify the best solution for a client, and deliver the best service experience as that solution is taken from design to development and into the online world.

process: Plan

Our planning starts with a review of a client’s digital strategy to identify opportunities, establish goals, and shape a roadmap for digital success. We recommend the services best suited to the client’s requirements, then develop a thorough operational plan for the project to ensure we deliver on time and on budget.

process: Design

Design is driven from the perspective of the online user with our goal being to create rich, engaging, user-friendly online environments. The design process starts with development of a creative brief with the client. We then generate visual concepts, and refine these through feedback from our client and our wider team.

process: Implement

Implementation is about the ‘how.’ It’s about making sure that what we build supports current and emerging client needs, and delivers a user-experience that supports our client’s brand and online strategy. Technical direction, such as which programming languages are used, and how the software will deliver a user-friendly, future-proofed solution, is central to this.

process: Train

Not everyone lives and breathes digital; people have varying degrees of IT literacy. That’s why we provide training to support your digital activity. We want to ensure that you and your staff are empowered to use the tools we provide. Our training, from one-on-one coaching to group training sessions, is tailored to meet each client’s needs.

process: Measure

It's all about knowing what you define as 'success.’ We work with you to develop an evaluation strategy so you can measure the success of your project against your goals. If you are selling a product, for example, the primary focus of your evaluation will be around rate of conversion of visitors into purchasers.

process: Adapt

Rapid changes in digital communications make it difficult for clients to ‘set and forget’ their digital presence. Digital is constantly evolving. We watch, listen and work with our clients to adapt their communications to take advantage of emerging digital innovations, adapt to changing consumer preferences and keep your online brand contemporary.