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"We employed The Cohorts to be experts in their industry and they were. We felt we could trust them and it made the whole process actually quite enjoyable." Chloe Boerema
Marketing Manager

When Glenfield Mall returned to its original name after being bought by a New Zealand-owned company in December 2015, The Cohorts had quick work to do building a new website from scratch.

Using brand guidelines & design created by creative agency Unsworth Shepherd they were able to implement a simple site for immediate use while working on the final site, which went live in March.

Glenfield Mall marketing manager Chloe Boerema got busy generating new content according to a framework drawn up by The Cohorts.

“Obviously lots of things can go wrong making a website but clear communication and workflow was already established between Unsworth Shepherd and The Cohorts. That made things easy for me.

“The whole process felt seamless because they already had a relationship. It was really important to have a digital team and a creative team so in tune.

“The Cohorts drew up a schedule and met all the deadlines, which is fantastic.”

The mall’s opening hours can be found in one click – a must for shoppers on the hop.

“The clever logic system displays opening hours and reacts to any public holidays or late night trading so if someone wanted to find out what time we were open on any given day, it’s right there.

“We input dates and the system knows if it's a public holiday or a late night. That's a really customer-friendly experience and the site is mobile responsive which is important because a huge majority of people look us up on their smartphones.”

Individual retailers have a presence on the site showing customers store locations. The search system allows shops to be found by category or by typing in the first few letters of a store, which then prompts auto-filled suggestions.

As marketing manager, Chloe is trained to use the content management system.

“It’s simple to use and I know how to edit and maintain all the parts of this website,” she says.

“I can give a lot more information to our customers. It’s flexible and agile, I can update things in real time and that’s a huge advantage.”