Founded in 2000 by Reuben and Miriama, who saw the opportunity to create a specialised agency to help clients take advantage of the rapid innovation in digital communication.

The Cohorts have delivered a huge variety of websites, digital products, marketing campaigns, web & mobile apps for clients in New Zealand and Internationally. We've supported multi-national corporations, leading manufacturing exporters, national associations and homegrown start-ups.

Meet our experienced team...

Director & Co-Founder
Reuben Reid

With over 20 years experience in design, advertising, marketing and digital product development, Reuben has the ability to translate tech speak into plain English, so clients can make more informed decisions. Whether it’s a multinational brand, or a homegrown enterprise, Reuben leads the team to deliver exceptional outcomes for clients, on budget and on time.

Call +64 21 360 822 or email reuben@thecohorts.com

Director & Co-Founder
Miriama Reid

Experienced across advertising, marketing and public relations and with foundations in graphic design, Miriama takes a holistic view of our clients’ communication needs. She takes the lead on planning and development, strategy and direction, ensuring we keep pushing boundaries as a business to grow our capabilities and connect with more clients.

Call +64 21 259 0175 or email miriama@thecohorts.com

Customer Service Director
Ben Sims

With over 20 years web development experience across multinationals, venture-capital-funded startups and some of London's premier agencies, Ben’s love for both ends of the development process (backend LAMP and frontend), along with superior debugging skills, make him an asset to any digital project. Ben also manages our security and infrastructure and is across most of the projects the cohorts deliver.

Call +64 22 011 3110 or email ben@thecohorts.com

Senior Web Developer
Steve Bone

Steve has extensive experience with CRAFT CMS and custom development, backed by a BAppIS (Bachelor of Applied Information Systems) and a diploma in web development. Steve worked as a developer at a leading creative digital agency before moving to an independent practice, bringing with him a blend of patience and that technical know-how that gives our clients confidence.

Call +64 21 889 894 or email steve@thecohorts.com

Executive Design Consultant
Piri Tukere

With over 22 years experience in creative direction and interactive design, Piri has worked in high profile creative agencies in London and Hong Kong. Practically an industry pioneer, he was formerly a senior creative at groundbreaking digital agency, Webmedia, during the initial dot com boom. He is an award-winning creative, specialising in high-end design, User Experience (UX) design, creative and strategy. Piri is an Associate Member of IADAS (The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences) and a judge across several New Zealand creative and design awards.

Senior Web Developer
Henry Penny

Henry employs best practice techniques and technologies to create elegant and robust solutions. After spending a few years working in J2EE he’s now a Full Stack LAMP developer with 15 years of PHP development experience across a variety of frameworks including Symfony, Laravel and Yii. His 20 years of commercial experience has taken him from NZ to Australia, the UK and back home again.

Digital Marketing Specialist
Sam Frost

Sam helps our clients' businesses become more profitable through the power of digital marketing, by generating more traffic, leads, and sales. With 10 years experience working in digital marketing and a background in the competitive world of affiliate marketing, Sam loves getting knee deep in the data and conversion metrics that will give your business an edge on the competition.

Digital Production Specialist
David Gianotti

A digital imaging expert with over 25 years experience in design, CGI imaging/retouching, animation and frontend development, David’s love for computer graphics began in his teens with his first Atari computer, programming graphics in Atari Basic, pixel by pixel. Trained in both traditional and computer graphic design, he takes a human-centred approach to all tasks to produce beautiful, crafted and considered design solutions.

Our Collaborators

We’ve built a network of creative senior partners across brand, design, digital and marketing whose skills we draw on selectively to build a power-house team of collaborators for whatever your project needs.

Get in touch to chat about your next project.