The Cohorts provides a full range of design and digital services to create online environments, from simple profile websites to complex cloud-based solutions that are visually exciting, and deliver an exceptional user experience.

services: Brand Alignment

Companies change over time. Our brand audit process identifies how we can breathe new life into your brand’s digital presence and ensure your online presence aligns with your brand and the needs of your business and customers.

services: Digital Design

The combination of how a site looks, and how it works, is what determines the quality of a user’s experience. Whether we’re developing from our own creative, or working with your design or advertising agency, we’ve got you covered.

services: Digital Marketing

Building traffic to your website and converting visitors to customers is the primary goal of your website. We use a combination of social media, search engine optimisation and paid advertising to improve traffic and build online brand awareness.

services: E-Commerce

Product Management, Stock and Inventory, Shipping, Payment Gateways, Reporting, Integration; we work with you to choose the e-commerce options required for a successful online store for national or international customers.

services: Development and Integration

Development is about applying our knowledge of IT systems and business processes to deliver the right solution for your business. Systems integration is the biggest development challenge and it provides the biggest returns in improved efficiency and cost savings.

services: Content Management

One platform does not suit all businesses. We use 'best of breed’ software to deliver user-friendly, flexible, secure and scalable solutions, appropriate to your business. Our goal is to give you peace of mind that what we deliver is future proofed.