Digital support for the ages

Future Finance are a team of regular Kiwis who know what it’s like to need a loan from time-to-time. They’re known for their straightforward application process and approachable frontline team.

They need a digital presence that reflects their fresh and friendly approach to finance. For over 15 years, we’ve helped them build an engaging digital presence that sets their services apart in an often staid industry, and captures qualified leads.


While their old site had served them well, to remain competitive, Future Finance knew it was time for a rebrand. The result was a fresh new look and much improved UX on the front end, but also a streamlined application process with integrated CRM and smart automation for following up lost leads on the backend.

Google definition of Cohort means 'a group of people with a shared characteristic' which summarises the Cohorts team perfectly. Their professionalism, integrity and passion for their work and for our business has never faulted in the 12+ years we have worked with Reuben, Miriama and their wider team. Highly recommended.
Lee Davies
General Manager

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