Showcasing a home-grown Kiwi success story

Pitango has a simple mission: help people eat healthy and live brilliant lives. What began as nutritious homemade meals has grown to a delicious range of soups, risottos and goodness bowls.

Having previously helped Pitango with website overhauls, our track record for delivery meant they once again turned to us when it was time for a brand and packaging overhaul, led by SGK in Australia.

Stop motion video of recipes

A great-looking and functional website is a crucial asset for Pitango to showcase their products and amplify their brand. In collaboration with SGK, we delivered a slick new product website for both their New Zealand and Australian markets. Fresh design and beautiful product photography combine with slick UX for a site that not only looks great, but is simple to navigate.

The Cohorts are digital experts who built our engaging website, carefully considering user experience as well as our brand goals. Best of all, the process was smooth, pain-free and delivered on time and to budget. There is a reason we keep coming back.
Sharon Addington
Contract Marketing Manager

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